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I was @ Gustav Ericsson's sight, - Anzenkai, and I was looking at Nishijima Roshi’s calligraphies over there. Particularly there is one - "seki shin hen pen" - about which Gustav has earlier said in a blog post that it is Nishijima's favorite phrase from Master Dogen.

This seemed strange to me. It was not what I would expect Nishijima Roshi's favorite phrase to be. It seemed it could be some Rinzai master's favorite quote, - it seems to express continuous and constant sincerity, - but it did not seem to fit my view of the way Nishijima Roshi saw things.

So - consequently - I tried to think what would I expect his favorite quote to be. But all phrases I could think of did not seem to fit just what I might have had in mind.

So I tried to come up with what I would see it as, - and what I have come up with - is - "this universe out here".

- And this seems to be the right name for this blog here too.

- Definitely.                                                 ________________________

The Worst

Perhaps it would have been natural that I would have written this in a “Thoughts” post. - (See here too) But I don’t write these anymore.

- Regarding Donald Trump’s presidency, - today, on 15.1 2021, - the time I am writing this, - it seems the worst thing about the whole deal, or the whole issue, - is that even now people, - I mean many, - of course not all, - do not understand how bad the whole thing is.

- I mean I could not imagine him winning the elections next time, in 2024, - or even being a serious candidate then. - But the thing is, the issue, - that so many may still support him. I mean how blind can people be? This seems to be the phenomenon which may signify the worst toward the future.

- More than all that happened, I think. - If the minds of a significant percentage in America (I mean in the US) can be so disappointing, - so poor, so miserable, - the hope may be scant and the danger evident. No one has foreseen initially Trump would become president, or could become resident, - or even be a serious runner. It all seemed like just a joke at first. But Trump proved the system sucks. - Than again, - On January 6th, - no one, basically, - figured out what could happen, - or what was going to happen. - Else than some things the FBI figured out, - but this was based on concrete communication among extremists who were communicating among themselves. - No one could tell off the surface. Including Nancy Peloci who seemed to later assume (among others) Trump was seeing things in advance. - So this should be applied ahead. Surprises are to be expected. Actual surprises. Not today. Not tomorrow. But with time in an unclear timing. - You can tell people anything. Some will believe some strangest things. - And it’s not about loving the alien. - It’s a bit like a monster slowly awakening in a horror film. - And things could get worse. If people now believe x, next they might believe y. It’s no unified belief, - of course. There would be different levels and different views. - Some worse than others. But this should be followed. Should be noticed. Should be monitored. Education is not easy since people might pick up whatever they like on the web. But the United States of America should be aware that a monster may be growing within its guts and care of it may not be easy anyway, - particularly if time is wasted and awareness is insufficient.

Common sense II

There is this post I have written some time ago. - I did not relate to the point then (there) but there is also a very significant point which - as it seems, - follows what is pointed out there.

(Do note, - as for the post itself, - there is there another point added in the comments section strengthening the idea referred to there)

- If you accept what is said or brought up there - in the post linked - that is, - it means life on Earth did not develop as most assume. - Obviously it had to appear somehow. - If you reject the common explanation following the attitude appearing there it would obviously mean you are supposed to come up, - generally, - with some idea of how things came to be, - some other idea.

- If the theory of natural selection is viewed or seen as almost (- generally speaking practically not just almost) void, useless, stupid, - unrealistic, - than it would naturally follow that all living things on Earth have appeared some other way, - plants, animals, humans. - How?

- As it seems in the absence of this theory we are unable to find another reasoning making sense which would replace the existing idea most of humanity follows at present. - Other than if we accept the idea of higher spheres responsible for the development and appearance of existing species here on our planet. This has a more significant value even! - I mean the very acceptance of the fundamental idea of higher - occult, - spheres and beings - an idea most intellectuals today would not even find worthy of [generally] relating to. If you follow common sense it practically leads you to the conclusion. Not easy to accept, for so many accustomed to see things otherwise. But if a majority will accept others will too, - easy to see. - And if the scientific establishment will admit its mistake (quite a ridiculous actually, - viewed retroactively) than it will be corrected, - though as you can see [in the post] it doesn’t really take academic education or great proficiency in order to be able to tell, - just free thinking and an unbiased mind.

(- Written - 8.1.2021 -)


This is about a thought I had for some time and now (Feb 22 2019) I am bringing it as here. - It is quite a simple idea. Perfection is determined or defined according to our expectations. That which accords with our expectations we call perfect. The idea is rooted there. - The situation in which we find the existence of expectations natural, even without explicitly recognizing them or being able to see them for what they are or noticing them as an independent phenomenon, - is where the birth of the idea or notion of perfection takes place. - No expectations, - no perfection. So it seems.

- Expectations originate when we conceive what we would view as faults.

A faulted thing is imperfect.

- When we see one thing as better than another faults could be conceived. - If we have no view seeing A as better than B than there would not be a thing we would consider faulted.

- Why do we consider one thing as better than another? One situation as better than another? - Whichever the reason this is where it begins. - Then we could observe one running of things as better or worse than another route and then we might view one as faulted.

- And then we might consider a thing perfect or imperfect. We define it, - though not intentionally or consciously. - Truly, - as it seems, - as I said in the beginning, - it is our expectation which practically determine what would be called perfect and what would not. - If our view is freed of such “faults” than we would not see this difference of perfection and imperfection.

- So at the bottom line it seems it is just the issue of good and bad.

- Things apparently have a natural route to them. Sometime simpler, sometimes more complicated. - That which follows this route or is closer to it we call “good”. So it seems. - Why? Perhaps it has to do with the way we are made. - Why do you find one thing painful and another thing joyful? - It may be rooted there. However, - as it seems, - again, - our division into what we might call “perfect” and what we might call by a contrary word is based on our inner wrongness; - you might say the way is of zero width, - and when we view it as wider than that, - such phenomena occur. So far for that. I was wondering about whether this idea [of perfection] could be transcended, - or perhaps you might more accurately say dug under, - proven to be empty of [real] meaning, - and quite clearly I came to an answer; - though the root of good and bad is not yet necessarily equally clear.

             (- It seems I only wrote the first paragraph here on Feb 22nd 2019 as said above, - the rest I completed on March 25th 2021. (- and deleted a bit of other stuff I wrote earlier)

A PDF file is here.)

Thoughts II

          10.11.2020 – The computer seems to have become man’s best friend.

          11.11.2020 – One of the troubles of humanity in general and of materialistic individuals in particular is that when coming across severe mistakes of humanity in the past where existing norms [of the relevant past time] are such that would be understood today as ridiculous or almost unbelievably unreasonable – those individuals would imagine themselves altogether different than their old predecessors and fundamentally think they have come beyond such miserable attitudes rooted in baseless confidence devoid of wisdom – which they are fundamentally unable to recognize.

     –     (That is to say – if you take for example what the inquisition did – burning people alive and using severe torture as part of their interrogations, certain of their righteousness in quite an unbelievable way, - or interpretations of various religious stories in different parts of the world accepting them as valid facts where they might not necessarily be very distant from legends, - (while I am not saying other religious narratives may not be true reports, but one should be able to tell the difference) contemporary views and attitudes may be no less stupid)

          12.11.2020 – One of the most important things for people to understand is that contemporary science is selling them shit.

          (This may be much like the story the Buddha told about the blind men touching the elephant)

          About 15-20 ago I became unable to sit Zazen due to a bodily weakness. It seems there is nothing like it, - no substitute, - nothing similar for one who knows it. – Humans, - apparently, - in a way at least, - are very weak on the side of the will. They do everything through thought, - everyone are accustomed to that, - so practically no one sees it – generally, - as strange. – But as it seems fundamentally we might expect the situation would be quite different, - that abilities would not be so dependent upon thought. It might be quite more natural for the will to be able to directly act upon things, - but we have almost no such ability. Rather we always have to think how to use existing circumstances for which ever purpose we might need or want to achieve. It seems to be the consequence of some sort of deep sinking into the physical plain, - a degenerated situation where our being is severely incoherent and imperfect off being as-if soaked into where we live at present.

          The very idea that mental illness could be treated by mere chemicals is amazing.

14.11.2020 – It seems to me one is unable to understand spirituality without understanding Jesus’ words referring to religious leaders of his time as “blind managers” or generally understanding what was he talking about using these words. (– Off my memory: – “Let them be”, orleave them alone”, - “blind managers they are, - will the blind lead the blind? – And they both fell into the pit.”)

          An old thought I had is that what characterizes the spirit is that business men (and women) are unable to take it over and use it for their own purposes. (As they do with practically almost anything else, - i.e.)

          16.11.2020 – The view of materialistics of religion may be quite correct, - religion has become degenerated, - this may even be close to an understatement. – Most (in western religion) may believe “God” exists simply because they have been told so, while the spirit of things may be to a great extent suitable or appropriate for a considerably earlier period when old scriptures have appeared.

          24-26.11.2020 – In the moment of the present there isn’t room even for the slightest thought. Usually (as it seems to me) people think – not necessarily consciously – of the moment of the present as something lasting something like two or three seconds. That is enough to raise at least a simple thought. It is not. Of course. – It has no length. – There is no time in it to think of anything. Do notice. – You can not think anything in there. It doesn’t seem anything one could imagine. It is different from what one might in most cases think or imagine when it comes to mind. (I actually thought of that quite earlier, [than the date here] but it came to my mind again and seemed to fit here)

          28.11.2020 – We imagine ourselves to be moving in time all the time. But actually, - as said before in various places I guess, - in the present moment, - we only remember the past and estimate the future. – We do not and can not [directly] see the past or future in the present moment or from the present moment. But this means we practically don’t know whether we are [actually] moving in time. – It may be that we are forever stuck in one “present moment” with the constant-illusion-of-this-notion-of-being-in-motion-through-“time” we are never – of course, - able to examine.

          The situation of religions today (not where there is a transmission independent of conceptual understanding) may much resemble the children’s game known as “broken phone” (“telefon shavur” in Hebrew) in Israel. (– Simply “telephone” in the US, “Chinese whispers” in the UK)

          30.11.2020 – It is quite obvious that a society which neglects education would pay the price, - but the practical situation may be that subsequently in the coming situation the norms would change in a way so that the fact of the damage done would not be detected by a considerable portion of the people there. This too is no secret but it makes the occurrence irreversible to an extent which is not negligible in itself. I mean it creates blindness the cure of is prevented by a taboo.

          Since the “I” by its very nature requires certain time for its construction, - that is is not ultimately direct, - the present moment is inaccessible to it.

          1.12.2020 – The place where religions degenerate is where people are unable to understand that occasionally things said are meant or intended to express what can not necessarily be expressed. (Among other things, - sometimes things are expressed in a manner intended to suit a certain stage of development of humanity and later when we have become more mature or more awake the old manner of expression is clung to ignoring the fact)

     –     As it seems to me, - the second story of creation in the Bible (Genesis 2:4-25 (plus the whole next chapter)) was never originally meant to be expressing an actual occurrence as described in it by whoever has presented it at first, - but the fact has been forgotten and lost.

          7.12.2020 – According to common materialistic views the existence of mind is unexplainable. – Whatever technical explanations one may present or think of they would never create a ground for reasoning the existence of mind. – Common materialistics take it for granted that matter (physical matter, practically) existed first and later, - subsequently, - mind appeared. Following such a view the situation is as said above. – Actually, - mind is prior to matter. Though in the physical world apparently matter appeared first. This is misleading and the cause of the mistake.
Joint by the confidence and the stupidity of the materialistics. – I have related to this in a post I had on about three years ago. – You might check things there if you are interested. Practically the situation may be said that mind was there first (– if you would say the reality is mind, some might say it is and some might say it is not, and both are correct) and matter have appeared only subsequently, - if you would see it as existing at all, - that is.

          14.12.2020 – Among those sitting in the court of law there seem to be quite a few whose god is the procedure.

          An excessive attempt to avoid mistakes could result in severely poor outcomes.

          22.12.2020 – Democracy is fundamentally a rough arithmetic mechanism. – Emotional people imagining themselves wise attribute all sorts of other things to it. All sorts of balances and safety measures may be important or valuable in themselves, - but it does take an idiot to be blind to the simple fact they are not part of what this system is. – Those emotional guys mentioned apparently see it as a must it has to be some lofty and elevated ideal, - their attitude is quite – or somewhat, - religious like. – Practically it is just a rough mechanism suitable for the-current-time-we-are-living-in which in no way could even come close to manifesting the highest possible virtues of man.

          23.12.2020 – The practical fact any number close to 50% of the American people voted for Donald Trump means there is a sickness there. – The ridiculous situation is just because the sickness is so deep you can not speak of it. If it was just 5% or 10% it might have been quite fine, - you could call things what they are, - but through the great number the phenomenon gains legitimacy and it’s not OK if you speak the truth of it. – There is a similar situation in France with Marine Le Pen gaining legitimacy though not winning elections, - but coming close is enough, quite reasonably. Even if it would be only 25% voting for Trump it would be rather the same, - as for the sickness I mean. – People should be aware that what they categorize as politically correct or not politically correct or as acceptable or appropriate could lead them eventually to where they wouldn’t want to get to, - because of their stupidity. They ought to awaken now and fight those who will claim such ideas should not be expressed.

          Had democracy prevailed in the Sinai desert in Biblical times it seems the people of Israel would have returned to Egypt rather than continued on their journey and arrive at the Promised Land.

          24.12.2020 – Regarding the path, - people usually would seek success. – It’s quite natural, - obviously. – And they may judge it by the measure by which they get it. Quite foolishly, - actually, in practice, many times. – It would make more sense to first come to know what aims should we seek, - which would be a right purpose, - meaningful. – The actual situation may be much different than the common views. – This is the place to start, fundamentally.

     –     – It is not that we should divide it all it this manner, - but this is the right way. One does not need more than common sense in order to tell. – First you [come to] figure out what is important, - what is right to do, what is right to seek, - than you can [perhaps] measure or estimate things accordingly, - not the other way around. It’s quite simple, - it makes sense, it doesn’t require spiritual understanding, - but obviously this isn’t the way most people go. Though it could be otherwise.

          I believe democracy has gone bankrupt on November 8th 2016, - but fervent adherents will not see. – Partly because their attitude is emotional.

          25.12.2020 – Not so long ago, - 200 years ago, - was someone to claim that diseases we have and suffer from are caused by very small being we are unable to see (germs, bacteria) the reaction among most learned men and women would have been similar to the reaction today amongst such individuals to serious references to the occult.

          1.1.2021 – Wisdom is much abandoned these days because of seeking objectivity. – What one who has attained it is able to know or understand not necessarily others will be able to verify independently. – When it comes to “science”, - physics for example, - ideas are basically able to be examined in order to verify their reasonability. Same in [some] other fields. – But these merely depend on the intellect. – Wisdom is different. – You can’t test it through IQ exams. You are not necessarily able to convince those devoid of it of its validity. Today many might imagine this would be a reason to put it aside, - since they doubt its outcomes and practically perhaps its existence too. (Many intellectuals may be unable to understand what the difference between intelligence and wisdom is) So in practice it’s neglected and does not contribute to humanity and its progress. – Which means some further materialism as a result. Somewhat of a vicious circle that is, - too.

          There is a practical influence which means modern technology is causing people to be less mature.

          2.1.2021 – I have long thought that the worst issue with humanity was that people think society is capable of conducting itself.

           On 12.11.2020 it seems there were some thoughts I intended to write but are not there.
           It seems the first is missing. – Also where said “it seems there is nothing like it” it refers, - of course, - to Zazen.
           Having checked later, - the quote on Nov. 14 (2020) is from Matthew 15:14. (– The expression itself mentioned there appears in various places elsewhere too)
           On some places the texts have been changed later than the date they were at first written. – On 7.12.2020 I could not complete writing because I had no Internet connection and so could not see my earlier post linked there. – In some other places I also made changes but not altering the original idea. – Sometimes very slight, - correcting grammar mistakes or changing capital letters to small ones or vice versa. – Sometimes things look better here on the blog differently than on the “Word” file.
           This remark may be in general quite unnecessary but anyone interested could check the file here, though some changes have been made there too.
           (– If necessary to mention: – On December 23rd 2020 “such ideas” means ideas saying you can’t call people like Donald Trump or Marine Le Pen and their supporters what they truly are.)
           Obviously after the January 6th occurrences some things may look different. The thoughts relevant to this (perhaps) from 30.11.2020, (– first) 23.12.2020 (– first) and 24.12.2020 (– second) still seem as true as they were and anyway had no real changes. (I changed “PC” to “politically correct” and added an “a” somewhere where it was missing)
           There is also a post I wrote (after the incidence)  which should be on on May 31st unless anything goes wrong.
           I completed this post (including these remarks here) on Jan 17. (2021)


Some may say nothing matters. Does the concept of “matter” actually exist? - Are there things which matter and things which do not?
- Wtf.

- Many would think if you accept the idea nothing matters, - it would mean reasonably one should not make any effort in any direction. - Roughly speaking, - just lay flat on your back. Some would point that just laying flat like this would lead to suffering, - and they would usually take it for granted that one would wish to avoid it, - so they might present this as a reason for diligence.

- The point here is different: - Why do many initially have in mind that if nothing matters it would mean we ought to give rise to laziness? - Why do they imagine it must mean, - or would mean, - we ought to do nothing, - try nothing, - or lay flat as I said? - The reason is quite obviously, - laziness is so inherent in them, - and this is definitely no rare thing, - that they subsequently have this view. - Actually, - I would say, quite clearly, - if nothing matters, - it would mean nothing either way! - This means you could lay flat on your back, - or make the utmost effort in any craziest manner, - or anything in between. But it clearly and explicitly does not mean the first is better than the second! 
- The mistake is very easy.
Almost everyone falls in it.

- There is not much to explain. The point is simple. - But so easily overlooked. - There is an inner false notion people are not aware of-the-real-nature-of, - just assuming reasonlessly they should actually satisfy laziness if no other contradicting cause is apparent.
- The root, I believe, - is harmony.
It does seem like the harmonious situation is the best situation.
- How could I say that if nothing matters? - I could not.
- But if you do want to see anything as a thing that matters, - harmony is of course no doubt better than laziness.
- And the notion for seeking what-is-actually-derived-by-laziness does seem to originate through its relationship with harmony. It seems like - somewhat, - a primitive way of seeking harmony. - However, - as for our point here, - I believe, - that if we are able to remove this false notion, or otherwise at least see through it, - somewhat at least, we could (hopefully) notice that nihilism does not mean abandoning any attempt to get anything, - practically.
- I could guess one could only understand the real meaning of nothing having any meaning - so to speak, - if one is enlightened. - Which is [of course] very rare. But otherwise too one can understand my words. [- here]

- So far.
- The reason spiritual teachers avoid (sometimes) the point of no meaning or no value is - I would say, - that the point referred to here is missed. Otherwise is ought to be possible to speak of it.
So far.